Hey there,

I'm about a year out from my C5-C6 injury, living in the Boston area and making as much use as I can of outpatient therapy at Spaulding Rehab and separately out of pocket exercise rehab had a great SCI-oriented nonprofit facility called Journey Forward (https://journey-forward.org/). The therapy I get at Spaulding is obviously great, but also limited to a couple hours a week based on my insurance. The support I get from Journey Forward is just fantastic, including a lot of FES, Lokomat, and general functional-oriented exercise run by a lot of really sharp therapists that have developed me a customized functional recovery program.

Trouble is, turns out that Boston is absolutely terrible now that I'm in a wheelchair. It's horribly expensive, and I can't seem to get out and about due to awful traffic and lack of proximity to the outdoors. I really can't stand the urban environment anymore. Some friends in the greater Denver area are encouraging me to move there, and for these latter points it would make a heck of a lot of sense.

I'm well aware that Craig Hospital in Denver will probably offer top-notch outpatient therapy. But given that my insurance company is only willing to sponsor a couple hours a week, I'm wondering what else is available there. Is there anything like Journey Forward in the area? Anything with private pay Lokomat? I don't want to start seriously thinking about a move if I'm not going to have a similar level of care.

Also, any other considerations I should know about living in the Denver area with SCI? Like PCA availability, CO state support infrastructure, etc.? And yeah, I know weed is legal there too, but it's not a critical point for me. :-)