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Thread: Using a laptop in bed and while laying flat

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    On my back... I can't handle doing prone. My mouse clicker was a recline switch from an old wheelchair. I never got into ham radio, you still use it?

    I'll let him know.

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    Back when when getting my ham radio license, you still needed to learn Morse code. My dad made a deal if I got my license he would buy me a handheld 2m/440 radio.

    With the mobile radio you could contact another person with a radio at home and they could patch you into the phone line.

    Don't use amateur radio for anything any longer, and is only good if I lose a cell tower during the hurricane. Free worldwide communication has been superseded one of the reasons they divvied up the amateur radio bands when they digitize the TV frequencies.

    The radio itself had a rubber key for transmit and there was no way I could hold it down. My best friend, working at a machine shop made a L-shaped piece of metal with the small part will a hole drilled in so it fitted over the antenna and flush with the top.

    It was probably at a 75 degree angle and at the correct position, drilled a hole for a nut and bolt. Then he immersed the whole thing in a acrylic which made everything soft instead of metallic sharp.

    This gave me fantastic leverage and only had to slightly press on the long piece of metal for it to push on the transmit button. Then cell phones came out, it was a great utility and safety device until obsolescence.

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