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Thread: Using a laptop in bed and while laying flat

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    Using a laptop in bed and while laying flat

    I've been doing bed rest for 5 years now. Ever since I started, I had an idea of how to use my laptop while laying flat but kept putting it off until last week and finally figured it out. I first thought of some sort of hasp-like hinge to do the job but after searching for different things, I found this mount on Amazon.

    I figured that it would need to be adapted but wasn't sure just how much until I got it and tried it.

    Anyhow, it came in and was a little tricky to adjust, so I drew up a design and my dad took it partly apart and reconfigured it. It now works excellently while sitting up or when flat. I can't reach my mouse clicker switch very well when flat so I use my homemade sip-and-puff switch when laying down.

    Its a little difficult for one person to adjust it from one angle to the other but not impossible and frankly I'm glad because I don't worry about it falling on my head in the middle of the night.

    If you have any questions, let me know...
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    Nice adaptation!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tetracyclone View Post
    Nice adaptation!
    Thanks, Tetra...

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    where would we be without fathers who are devastated by our injuries but always look for ways to help make our lives a little easier

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    Quote Originally Posted by crags View Post
    where would we be without fathers who are devastated by our injuries but always look for ways to help make our lives a little easier
    My dad has been building my designs for the last 28+ years. He's nearly 73 and I wonder what I will do when he's no longer able to build.

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    My dad was 53 when he received news that his son is now a quadriplegic. When I was 53, at which point I was a quadriplegic already 26 years, I wonder how I would've handled it. It was extremely tough on my parents. In fact, many marriages of parents do not survive because of the stress. He is 84 now and has a number of health issues, though he is still in good shape for his age. I read the obituaries because I find people's lives interesting and the common decade for death in this country appears to be in the 80s.

    He is definitely slowing down and he continues to do what he can, though I know I cannot ask certain things of him anymore.

    My advice to people that are newly (and chronic ones for that matter) injured would be to keep your loved ones emotional health in mind before you vent off in rage about some issue, even if that means faking it. It may feel good afterwards, but in the long term it is not good for anyone. Sometimes it may feel good dragging people down to our problems, but it is in a healthy way to deal with life.

    He kind of pushed me out of the house early on to live independently, or rather interdependently (with lots of help), but in the end I think it helped. It certainly helps prepare one for that time we know always occurs. I've been living independently for close to 30 years and it is extremely stressful, but I know it has prepared me for that eventuality.

    Even so I fear that time, as I don't have one of those Leave It to Beaver families where Wally will always be there for the Beav, metaphorically speaking that is.

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    Nice adaption. I have something similar to use my laptop with this tilt table pictured:

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