I?m struggling with benzodiazepine dependency. I?ve been on them practically my whole duration being a part of this forum. It started with an Rx in autumn of 2006 for sleep, and was never warned about the ramifications of chronic use, doctors kept readily dispensing them. Now a psychiatrist wants to not refill my Valium. She did a genetics test on me to see how well I respond to antidepressants, and not surprisingly, most won?t do anything for my Major Depressive Disorder. I?ve Major Depressive Disorder, Generalized Anxiety (with occasional panic attacks), PTSD, and a dependency to benzodiazepines. Truthfully, I don?t know what to do.

I spent 24 hours in an emergency room in July 2018 awaiting for a place to be sent for inpatient psychiatric care. They told me they could find no place in the state to send me and sent me home.

Do you know of any facilities that can cater to mental health and the needs of the spinal cord injured?