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Thread: 37 years today!

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    37 years today!

    Been fighting the fight for 37 years today. Despite the shoulder pain and crooked spine my Doc says "I'm in pretty good shape, for the shape I'm in" I'm very grateful for my wife, my family and friends.

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    Happy 37th & 4th!

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    Love that Song by "the Band" (the shape I'm in)

    Quote Originally Posted by johnc1 View Post
    Been fighting the fight for 37 years today. Despite the shoulder pain and crooked spine my Doc says "I'm in pretty good shape, for the shape I'm in" I'm very grateful for my wife, my family and friends.

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    Congratulations and I hope much of it has been grand!

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    Congratulations on winning the fight and having occasions for grateful. Today was 34 years for me since I took flight through the back windshield and arguably set the course for where I am today. I too am so grateful – – for the life I have and the people in it, for all the things I got to do in the course of my slow decline, and my certainty that it will not be nearly that long before new possibilities open up for us again.

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    CONGRATS I am a rookie compared lol just hit 20.

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    Awesome. I hope I make it that far with friends, family, and sanity intact. Way to go!
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    My condolences. You've got ten years on me. I've had a long, productive life. But the situation still sucks every day. A little more some days, a little less others. But every day....

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    I'll be arriving at 36 years in October, so a rounding error. Congrats on the ride and for keeping it mostly together.

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    I also hit 37 years this past April. I'm with you. I feel good for what my body has been through. But, I am definitely starting to feel the changes coming. Transfers are not as crisp. I'm hiring help more to do things I used to do, just to save energy. Having lost a couple good friends recently, I am seeing my mortality as something sooner rather than later. I'm looking at how I can be more of a participant in the world rather than just a spectator (easier said than done). Just lots more reflection and even depression, that was never an issue before. I was always a looking forward kind of guy, but with less to look forward to (other than the slow decline) one can't help but look back. I find myself envious far more often now of circumstances I used to just brush aside. Somehow it hit me this year that my life really does suck. It was almost like "How did I not know this?".
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