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I also hit 37 years this past April. I'm with you. I feel good for what my body has been through. But, I am definitely starting to feel the changes coming. Transfers are not as crisp. I'm hiring help more to do things I used to do, just to save energy. Having lost a couple good friends recently, I am seeing my mortality as something sooner rather than later. I'm looking at how I can be more of a participant in the world rather than just a spectator (easier said than done). Just lots more reflection and even depression, that was never an issue before. I was always a looking forward kind of guy, but with less to look forward to (other than the slow decline) one can't help but look back. I find myself envious far more often now of circumstances I used to just brush aside. Somehow it hit me this year that my life really does suck. It was almost like "How did I not know this?".