Hi all,

My fiancee and I are reconsidering the lot we were going to build on... we're looking now potentially at a semi-rural lot 5 min outside city limits.... it would require a septic tank/field. I know they work off 'active bacteria' to biodegrade stuff. I was just a little concerned about flushing Urolux (my leg bag sterilizing solution) through the septic since it's an anti-bacterial. I think at most in a week maybe 100-200ml might go down the rain which is pretty small if you're talking a 1200-200 gallon septic tank.

I asked a local septic company ... the guy said he's never been asked that before... said he couldn't guarantee anything but thought the amount was fairly minimal and likely would b OK

So I was wondering if any of you were on septic and also utilized such a uro-cleaner... and if you encountered any issues. Or had any thoughts?