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Thread: New car and car transfers advice

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    New car and car transfers advice

    I don?t drive. I use the town disabled bus with my scooter and transfer to the seat or go places with my husband. My husband currently has a Mazda 3. I transfer from scooter to car and he throws a manual chair into the hatchback. He is looking for a new car and I am in the phase of progressive MS right now wherein my transfers are getting very difficult, tho it?s different day to day. My wrist started hurting six months ago due to transfers and I?ve been unable to break the cycle. I?m restarting PT/OT next week and anticipate the introduction of a transfer board tho I?m not quite in need of one yet. The Mazda 3 has actually been very comfortable but I guess it?s a bit low as transfers become more complicated. I definitely can?t climb into a van anymore and even a Subaru Forester requires too much of an upper body hoist up. Anyone have recommendations about ANYTHING? Makes, models of cars? Nifty tips, gadgets for this transitional time and my next phase? Thanks!

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    Try something simple like a transfer board, you still need upper body and stuff but it does make it a bit easier to pull and kinda slide up or down the board.

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    Just my opinion, but you should be leaning towards an adapted van.

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    If you go with a van there seems to be a market for used mini vans with the equipment already in them. You might want to google this (handicapped adapted van, disability van adaptations, etc. just to see what's out there. New they run about $60,000. A crime in my estimation.

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    Do think long term accommodate the possibility of precipitous declines in your capability. We hope that will not happen, but if it does your husband will not want to be shopping for a different vehicle. Consider a vehicle in which an adaptive seat can be installed- something that turns and moves up and down.
    Certainly you should test transfers into any vehicle before buying. My own strategy was to go to dealerships and test my ability to load and unload my chair in each vehicle. That narrowed my choices quickly.

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    Totally off subject but Ocrevis has stabilized my PPMS. All the best Sheri.

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