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    Quote Originally Posted by wes4dbt View Post
    baldfatdAD, That's funny, lmao

    pfcs49, That's an interesting idea. my frame/box springs is already sitting on the floor so no legs to remove. But might still be possible, though wiring multiple actuators might be out of my league.

    Dump the box springs-totally uneccesary and huge wasted space!

    PS: running simple/independent linear motors, they may get out of sync and have differing lengths. If you run all (2 or 4) to max extension or min, I think they would get re-sync'd.
    If you run them off a 12v power supply, wiring is very simple, basically a DPDT/center off switch which is wired (and works the same) as an old power window switch. The few that are 120VAC, I don't know how they control reversing them.

    PS: I'm 72 yoa. We are getting to be OLD gimps!
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