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Thread: Active aid shower chairs no longer make this accessory..WHY NOT?

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    Active aid shower chairs no longer make this accessory..WHY NOT?

    I?ve been using active aid shower/ commode chairs for years now,I?m on my 4th or 5 th.
    i used to order with hand rims that have little projections to make it easier to push for a quad.
    they don?t offer them anymore,making the excuse, ? we can?t get them?.
    i can?t believe they can?t get them anymore. You?d think they would have someone make them for those who need them.
    i May be looking for a different chair next time.
    any response from any active aid vendors?

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    There can be safety problems with push wheel prongs...they can catch clothing, and even break fingers. You can wrap rubber tubing around a smooth rim in a spiral that works nearly as effectively.

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