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Thread: Handcycle Odometer

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    Garmin and sign up for a strava account. Having data to compare your rides over time is great, very helpful to motivate yourself and compare your rides.

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    Just finished my first ride. Holy crap i am out of shape. Went about 1.5 miles is all. I need to figure out the gearing. Probably should have gone when it was cooler outside. I definitely need a mirror. My arms are killing me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by slow_runner View Post
    That is a nice XS Gearhead. A good friend had one years back and it went well. Very British bike looking and the frame almost behaved like the early Triumphs. It performed better though and I would have had one myself if I didn't have that slight bias about Japanese bikes.
    They are worth a few quid now and are just as appealing. I did ride one of the 750 shaft driven units - strange characteristic.
    Onto speedos; these look affordable enough and would cut out the middleman?

    I am going to order for my Shadow.
    Wired or wireless??
    The one on my Yamaha is a Bell name brand from Wal Mart (I think).
    I too am partial to Brit bikes, Norton being my fav. Only have 2 left in collection, '68 Commando (fastback) and a '73 Commando fully Cafe-ed.
    Raced Husqvarna's (real ones from Sweden) in AHRMA vintage MX and Cross Country (hare scramble).
    Those were the best times of my life.
    Really hated selling my (5) race bikes but cash was needed. Being a quad is expensive.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HuskerDude View Post
    Thanks. I guess I was more concerned about where to mount it. Im going to pick one tomorrow. I dont think I need anything too fancy.
    I was able to use the garmin-supplied bands to go around the bottom bracket. It took some patience to get it to work, but it's pretty solid and in a place I can easily see.

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    I've been eye balling gps style trackers for a bit now, but i'm pretty cheap. 3 days ago i installed the Zeopoxa Cycling app on my phone and so far its pretty slick. Does everything i wanted.. maps,speed,elevation, breaks the whole ride down into intervals etc.

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    @Shaun - Were you able to attach it to your bike (did you find a decent mounting bracket)?

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    Right now i'm just throwing it in my bag, but it looks like i've got a few different mounting options. I just gotta get to Best Buy.

    How accurate do we think the ''calories burned'' would be?

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