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Thread: Handcycle Odometer

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    Handcycle Odometer

    So... Ive had this really awesome Lasher Sport Offroad handcycle for about 4 years now. I havent ridden it once because I tore a chest muscle while waiting for it to be built. Anyhow, Im ready now. Does anyone know what type of odometer will work with one of these?
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    Congrats on getting back on the road. Any comp. will work. I haven't had to buy one for a while. I have the Blackburn Delphi 5.0. It's wireless with heart rate monitor and wired cadence. I've never hooked up the cadence.

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    i use a cateye pardone its wireless works good but no heart rate it does have several functions though
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    garmin rep
    c4/5 inc funtioning c6. 28 yrs post.
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    Garmin is considered top of the line and can be downloaded,if I remember right, to Windows capable computer

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    and iphone and android phones, i have mine on my iphone...........wahoo looks promising too rep
    c4/5 inc funtioning c6. 28 yrs post.
    sponsored handcycle racer

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    Thanks. I guess I was more concerned about where to mount it. Im going to pick one tomorrow. I dont think I need anything too fancy.

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    Cheapo bike speedo from Wal Mart, Amazon, and many places. Speedo, odo, clock, trip meter, timmer, auto on/off. I have actually used them on motorcycles to check accuracy of mechanical speedo's. Easy to configure using seamstress tape measure, code is tire circumference in MM's. Extremely accurate if you set it up right.

    Down side, when batt goes dead after 2 or 3 YEARS, odo miles are lost. But for about $20 and ease of mounting, not bad. Also, who would steal it. If that is a concern or if you want to take it inside to review data, the large watch size meter is quick release mounted.

    1 magnet sticks to rim (I add aluminum tape to insure it stays), 1 sensor and wire that is attached to gauge mount, 1 speedo gauge = 3 pieces,

    If I could post pics I would show you one that is permanently mounted on a Yamaha Street tracker that I built.
    Link to Craigslist, last pic shows speedo
    Pic 3 shows magnet (not from kit, from my collection, any magnet will work) covered in alum. tape.
    You'll save enough money to buy 2 wrist heart monitors.
    Also you won't need a fragile smart/stupid phone.
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    That is a nice XS Gearhead. A good friend had one years back and it went well. Very British bike looking and the frame almost behaved like the early Triumphs. It performed better though and I would have had one myself if I didn't have that slight bias about Japanese bikes.
    They are worth a few quid now and are just as appealing. I did ride one of the 750 shaft driven units - strange characteristic.
    Onto speedos; these look affordable enough and would cut out the middleman?

    I am going to order for my Shadow.
    Wired or wireless??

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    Husker Dude,

    I ride a Nuke handcycle and use a Magellan Cyclo505. Mounted between the cranks so I can see it. Really like the Nuke and the Cyclo505.


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