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Thread: New Device To Power Manual Wheelchairs

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    @giles88 PM Sent! here is my personal email and phone number:

    If anyone else interested in either testing the device or just wants to talk about it, feel free to send me an email or text anytime!

    I'll typically respond via email within the hour. and text almost immediately.

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    Are you looking for testers ?

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    What happens if it is mounted off center? Does it still track straight?

    Quote Originally Posted by ProPulse View Post
    @wheelin 48 Video of the mount is posted on our instagram page! @citryneofficial. If you don't have social media, send me your phone number (via private PM) and I'll personally send it to you
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    @NW-Will Yes we are!! Send me an email!

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    @oddity what you saw in the video is a proof of concept for the "ease of use". We are actually working on the mount as we speak to make sure it stays centered, among other things!

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