Hey everyone!

My team and I are creating a device that attaches to any manual wheelchair and converts it to fully electric. We call it ProPulse.

Some of the most important features the device includes: low cost, controlled by joystick, 360 degree turning, off road ability, extremely light, Portable, multi-day battery life, ability to go up inclines, ability to brake, back up sensor,etc.

It's been a while since I last posted on the forum. Since my last thread, my team and I been hard at work implementing a lot of your recommendations. Next week my team and I will be posting a video showing a member of the community using an early prototype of the device and giving his feedback. If you want to check this video out and keep up with our progress check out our pages:

instagram: @citryneofficial

Facebook: www.facebook.com/CitryneOfficial

Our priority is to listen to the opinions and suggestions of as many wheelchair users as possible before launch the product. ProPulse is set to launch in December. We have less than 4 months to perfect the design.

I am extremely thankful for how supportive the community has been and can't wait to read the suggestions you have.

Thank you everyone,
Juan and the Citryne team