Dear all,
For those intestested in an overview of key (chronic) clinical research projects + a few pre-clinical highlights, here is our very latest update, classified along three main research directions

- (Stem) cells & combination regeneration/repair strategies.
- Scar and growth inhibitors reduction & regeneration/repair combination strategies.
- Electrical stimulation of the spinal cord (e-stim), Transcranial Stimulation (TMS), Brain-Machine-Interface (BMI), etc

I hope it helps some of you who are intested to understand what's going on right now, in the field of chronic SCI research/ experimental therapies/ treatment , happending in 2019 (or expected to start soon). In some cases, we also make an attempt to summarize the results so far (for example for electrical stimulation, in part 3).

Any feedback welcome. It might not be complete, not always fully updated, but we do our best to keep it objective, understandable and informative.
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