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    SCI stink

    RDF used to post here and say he took a shower everyday before work to get rid of his SCI stink. I can't pull off a shower a day but can every other day. Once peer's at work associate an odor with you they start expecting it and sniff until they pick up the scent. I have a colostomy and use a legbag as well. Any tips, dietary, cleaning or otherwise you can pass along?

    Currently, I:
    - change out cushion and cover every 2 weeks
    - shower every other day and sponge off in between
    - cut protein in diet down significanlty
    - make sure I have no open wounds
    - keep legbag clean and drink mostly water
    - change colostomy bag daily

    I'm doing my best but it isn't working (at least by my coworkers measure)! A boss recommended indirectly that I work remotely (pushed for me to take another job that was a work from home role). I have a very good job in a self-governing profession, so the ADA and rights of any kind are out the window, if they deem so.
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