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Thread: Attaching SmartDrive to chair

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    Attaching SmartDrive to chair

    Hello All,

    I have a TiLite chair with a SmartDrive.....great combination. I don?t use the SmartDrive except when going to parks, beach, walk the dog, etc. My problem is being a C6 quad I cannot attach the SmartDrive to my chair, I end up waiting for an able-bodied person to do this. It is just to heavy and the angles are all wrong. Does anybody have any advice or trick to attach this, I do not always have an able-bodied person around when I am ready to go. Thanks.


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    I watch my son connect his SmartDrive, and can see why you are struggling. (He manages ok, but he’s T6). Could you try putting your SmartDrive on a small step, sufficient to get it at the correct angle to connect, then reverse your chair up to it? I know you’d need to be fairly accurate at reversing into exactly the right spot, but when you find the perfect height, you could create some sort of funnel or jig arrangement to guide you (or the SmartDrive) into the right spot.

    I guess you’d want to lower the SmartDrive gently off the step once connected, as I can’t imagine a big drop doing it any good!
    Gordon, father of son who became t6 paraplegic at the age of 4 in 2007 as a result of surgery to remove a spinal tumour.

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    Why not just leave it attached? My son, c6/7, leaves his on 24/7. He’s 15 years post and started having shoulder pain. He uses it all over his house, yard, etc. He loves his Smart Drive.

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    This is a problem I have been thinking about because I'm ordering a new chair and, naturally, theDME is hot to order me a smartdrive. I am C5-7, Incomplete. I have a small chevy into which I load and unload my chair and I'm imagining a high degree of difficulty handling the Smartdrive. The annoying DME says" it is only the weight of 2 milk jugs." Goodness, I would have been challenged to carry 2 milk jugs in one hand when I was AB!

    I imagine I'd have to assemble my chair at the driver's door, as usual, then somehow get the smart drive from the passenger seat (?) to the street and lift enough to attach.

    I currently have a Firefly, which I love, but do not take out in the car as it is too much hassle. I love using it around the neighborhood and have taken it out on trails several times where it has a tough time in gravel but I am with someone AB, just in case. There are several stores nearby and I can use the Firefly to shop when it is not too hot. There is also the limitation that with Smart drive I will have to be very wary of breaks in the pavement, where the Firefly breezes over them. The Smartdrive will not work in some of those circumstances. This is a tough decision. I am not eager to get this on taxpayer's dime just because I can, then use it only infrequently. Thoughts?

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    I struggle getting my Smartdrive on too. The handle on the Smartdrive has to nearly touch the upholstery and the angle makes it difficult. Not nearly as difficult as pushing the buttons on the wrist band. Those little buttons are the most quad unfriendly things ever.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mombo View Post
    Why not just leave it attached? My son, c6/7, leaves his on 24/7. He?s 15 years post and started having shoulder pain. He uses it all over his house, yard, etc. He loves his Smart Drive.

    Mombo....I don't like using my SmartDrive in the house. It doesn't work well for me in small places, which means when I have it attached in the house I am pushing manually with the SmartDrive attached. It weighs 13 pounds, which puts additional strain on my shoulders, which is why I bought it in the first place. Plus, there have been times when I forgot I had it attached and accidently have run into walls and almost my swimming pool recently. After 12 miles you have to detach eventually to re-charge the battery. I just wish there was an easier way to attach/detach.


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    I have at times put the smart drive on while not in the chair by tilting my chair into a fairly steep wheelie and just lifting the front of the smart drive and hooking it on, the angle of the chair makes it the same as lifting the smart drive to a horizontal.

    As for the car, my smart drive weight is the same as the frame of my chair

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