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Thread: Setting Toe-in / Toe-out on a Shadow handcycle??

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    I did some reading Patrick. According to this article Sunrise purchased Magic in Motion ( and Shadow athletic equipment ) in 1992.

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    It's an early Quickie SR. Jim was still involved with Quickie after he sold the business to them. I think he left shortly after. Boy that is an old model with the seat adjustment. Great sturdy workhorses. I remember the spring compensators on my Top Ends. I think they still use springs on the entry level uprights. Never rode an upright except to check it out after working on one.

    Here's a photo of an early build we did after some modifications. Handcycles, except for a Jansen, weren't on the radar at all. I took it to a a few State and national w/c games and most poo pooed it because it was gear driven. The leg troughs are rain gutters. It's first conception it had three brakes. Kept breaking brake cables so changed over to a Sturmey Archer with triple chainrings. Frame was all hand brazed. The seat was a plastic formed kitchen chair. Still have it and will donate to a bike museum or something later on.
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    I just re read the early Quickie Shadow thread.
    I think we are having our own Groundhog day sequel Patrick

    That's fine though 'cause Jim Martinson should be one who is mentioned more often.
    During my reading there is more I learn about the people who forged an easier better path for those in the disability club.
    Like this man, Ludwig Guttmann.
    I wont say more about him but will allow those who may not be aware of him to investigate further. He was massive.
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    Doc Guttman Started the Stoke Mandeville Games back in the day. I think it was the first international Games if I remember right. It was surely different back then. E&J or Stainless wheelchairs weighed 52 lbs. and 56 if using basketball wheels with the metal sleeves that went thru the caster housings. They were considered the light weight sports chairs of the day. First camber was from our team (Canadian) using a small piece of metal with two holes at the cross braces. It caused the upholstery to sag and when folding the chaiir the downtubes on the front of the frame would slide out causing the whole chair to fall apart. Was really something trying to find the parts that fell on the ground in the dark. Ahh the good old days.

    I think we are having a groundhog day there SR. In any case sure brings back memories of the old sports days before hand cycles, curb cuts and light weight chairs.

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