Mark your Calendars now for the Keck Center Summer Open House! You don't want to miss featured speaker Dr. Bob Heary, Director of the Center for Spine Surgery & Mobility and one of the Clinical Trial Surgeons, who will discuss the surgical procedure, recruitment and selection process, and answer your questions.

Other special activities will be research reports from the Summer Research Program, vendor displays, and demonstrations of the devices to be used in the clinical trial walking program. And just added, a sample of the dancing by the instructors of the dance portion of the trial.

Science exhibits and vendor displays open at 4:45pm, program starts at 6:05pm. Free parking in front of building in Lot 56. Detailed directions on our website: click contact/visit us and scroll all the way down. We look forward to welcoming you here.


Do you want to ask a question, but can't come to the Summer Open House? Post your question here and they will be asked anonymously at the program. Two scribes will record the questions and responses and prepare a list to share in the next eBulletin and online.

Congratulations Dr. Ning Chiang!

After several years of rigorous research, we are very proud to announce that Ning Chiang has successfully defended her doctoral dissertation! The title of her work was Neural Stem Cell Transplantation to Treat Lumbosacral Spinal Cord Injury. We are very proud of you Dr. Ning Chiang!

We also want to express our appreciation to Ning's dissertation committee, Dr. Qian Cai, Dr. Mari Dezawa, Dr. Tracey Shors, and Advisor Dr. Wise Young. Thank you for the many hours you gave working with Ning on this important project.

Keck Center Graduate Returns as Visiting Professor

Almost twenty years ago, Kai Liu began his studies as a graduate student in the new W. M. Keck Center. After seven years, he earned his Ph.D. This week he returned as the Cheng Associate Professor of Science at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology!

Dr. Liu gave a lecture Neuronal Intrinsic Inhibitors Regulating Axon Regeneration where he presented his latest research and findings. Still dedicated to spinal cord research, his work confirms that the spinal cord can and does regenerate.

Dr. Liu also spoke to the students in the Summer Research Program where he talked about three important lessons he has learned starting with his days at the Keck Center. Giving praise to what Dr. Young has meant to him, he said that Lesson One is to find a mentor who believes in and encourages you. After working in the Keck Center where he learned collaboration, he went to Harvard where the emphasis was competition. Lesson Two is that collaboration is what makes progress but that you have to learn how to collaborate in a competitive environment. Lesson Three is about passion, about finding what you love and sticking with it. In scientific research there are many more failures than successes, but with passion you keep going.

We are very grateful to Dr. Kai Liu for returning to the Keck Center and sharing both his knowledge and his wisdom with us.

Summer Research Students Serve at Consumer Conference

Our Summer Research Students not only attended the Kessler Institute and Kessler Foundation all-day conference but also served as volunteers. Three teams filled various shifts doing 'whatever needed to be done' to help the conference run smoothly. Special appreciation to Team Leaders: Melissa Enday, Amanda Garcia, and Pepper Powell, and to all of the Keck Center students. You make us very proud!