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Thread: Cats. I hate cats. So does my Roho.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gjnl View Post
    Ya know...maybe we have all missed the point in all of this discussion. Maybe those of you who complain that Roho cushions are too fragile and don't hold up under the way you use them and the activities in which you participate should reconsider the whole issue of what kind of a cushion you are using. .................................................. ...................... Instead of complaining about the Roho cushion, maybe you need to find something that suits your needs better.
    There you go, making the assumption that there is bitching about Roho cushions on this thread.
    Not so.
    Are you on a retainer?
    Perhaps you need to read through again in a lighter frame of mind.
    Fixation on the minutiae and a clinical interpretation of a written conversation is not what is warranted.
    It is just conversation, is all.
    What would be of more value AND be more digestible with less conflict, is for you (two?) to start a thread offering your wisdom on the correct care of Roho cushions.
    It is my opinion that in that context it would be better received.
    Speaking for myself, when the need arises I make-do however I can with a decent nod to the risk that my endeavours may place me in.
    Never let directives get in the way of living a life.

    About cats: I am not enamoured with them unless it is an animal with character.
    The only good cat is an old breed Abbysinian. As a companion and protector, they can be as good as a dog. AND they do not meoww or grizzle. Generally speaking they are very intelligent.
    Our Abbey was. (for the spell check Nazis it is the correct spelling of her name )
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