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From where I sit this thread is just blokes chewing fat and pissing in the fire telling their tales over a beer. Nothing to get tits in a tangle over.
My Roho has a pin hole at #4 on the fifth row from the rear. I cannot blame the cat because she got run over years back. Nor the dog because I sit on my cushion, not him. Plus Lewis hasn't been allowed inside since he took to pissing on occasion. Nor welding or cutting cause I use my outside run chair for that carry on.
It could be my dropping weight onto it when transferring?
Is that a legitimate acceptable cause for a puncture??
Should I take full responsibility or blame the .......?
Bugger! I have only myself to blame for this ......with Roho as accessory to the fact. Yeah, I said that right
Anyway, life is fucked up enough when it is spent in a chair, without getting all twisted ,upset and protective when people are just spending time recounting their experiences.
That's pretty much what I felt we were doing/saying.
If we had resentments for our Rohos we wouldn't be sitting on them!
Not wanting to be contrarian, but one of the participants is showing up like a critical parent. No fun!