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Thread: NuMotion won't reprogram my chair

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    im ready for a new chair and numotion is the main reason i keep putting it off
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    How are you planing to pay for tech time to program?

    One issue also besides the age of the chair and not the condition is if your on Medicare or Medicaid they only allow one chair at a time to be covered so NuMotion may only cover one chair for service and repair.

    You can by programmers off Ebay

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    New chair programming is on Numtion.
    Back up chair, I would pay out of my pocket if they would do it but they won't.
    I doubt they will hook up anything to my worn out chair to duplicate it's parameters to new chair. Probably will use old chairs performance and compare it with new one, then try to get tech to adjust new chair to suit me. In 2014 tech (or sales rep) wouldn't make changes himself to my then new chair w/3G. I saw frustration in his eyes when I asked him to make changes. He gave me a dongle and I did it myself. Again, my 2014 chair had 3G seating which interfaces with main controller. Dongle hasn't worked on the three Corpus 2G I hooked it too. Will test it on a 3G as soon as I get over this lazy shut down phase (monthly fatigue, lasts several days).

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    Yes indeed NuMotion is really awful! Or as they say in my circles "NoMotion." I'm stuck using them as well. Takes 5-10 calls/emails just to get a repair order started, and they will ignore you unless you get a manager involved.

    However, I had no problem having NuMotion reprogram a chair I bought off ebay a couple years ago . . .they understood it would be private pay from the get go. I suggest you ask different people at NuMotion, making sure they understand it will be private pay. Don't ask the techs themselves. Start with the rehab manager for your location, and mention you are already buying a new chair from them. Then ask the repair manager. If those don't work ask for the name of the regional manager who will be the boss of those two. It's amazing how you can get different answers depending on who you ask.

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    I told them I would pay out of my pocket. 2 or 3 x I asked if they would reprogram (1 x in person). Nope.
    Having to force anyone to take my money does not inspire confidence in their abilities.

    My solution;
    2007 C300 = main chair, >perfect programming<, 4 power seat functions, very well worn, batts weak, tires bald for 2 years, and more.
    2008 C300 = back up chair, >steer speed slow/delayed<, 4 power seat functions, near new condition.
    I will swap control modules. Since they are basically identical chairs, it might work.
    I could call Permobil to confirm compatibility of modules, nah, I'd rather play with it (I hate most all tech support lines).
    Of course I'll wait till my new F3 arrives before disabling my main and back up chairs.

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    For the same amount of money or less to pay tech, you could buy a used programmer of Ebay and do what needs to be done. Others have bought them and then rented them out with the refund going to them once it's returned and in good shape. I have one I use on my ZX-1's. I use it rarely but is handy when I want to fool around with the settings.

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    They are the worst that company literally has no care for it?s cus they won?t help you at all. And if you owe them anything they will definitely not help but if you owe that?s almost the only way to get ahold of them. Take it from me please find a different dealer they will treat and talk to you like crap

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