I am not a pot smoker, although I have smoked it a few times in the past, and I have never been around it during it's growing stage. I'm hoping someone can enlighten me on this... I have a neighbor who is now growing weed on his balcony for the past couple of months. Coincidentally, during this time period I have noticed a skunky odor within my apt. I don't smell it when I close the doors up so I know it's coming from outside. I was convinced it was just a skunk in the woods nearby until today when my friend (who is AB) was able to lean over the partition and snap a photo for me of his balcony closest to mine. Sure enough, massive plants over two feet tall. Could this be what I am smelling? My friend thinks yes but if it's just a single plant (or two) would I be able to smell it? It is truly bothersome to me personally and I feel put out that I have to keep my doors shut up during the beautiful summer weather. We live in a non-smoking property and he has already had FIVE warnings against him. I don't think it's illegal to grow it (I have no clue on the law) but if the odor is in fact coming from these plants... we have a problem. I've lived here for over 30 years.. he's been here 9 months and has been a problem with everything from smoking, running his TV loudly for 24hrs straight (he doesn't work so is home all day), loud visitors, physical fights with his brother (who he recently had move into the building as well but on a different floor) and a few other things I won't bother listing. We have new management so they don't have any files of former complaints against him but the new mgr has already given him two formal warnings for smoking. That was a tangent, sorry, but my patience has run it's course. I'd like to sleep again without being woken every hour and I'd also like to breathe fresh air. Any input about the potential for odor, would be helpful.
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