I'm working with a G.I. physician who specializes in neurogenic bowel dysfunction. For over a decade (w/sci) I never had not had real issues outside of having to do the bowel program every other day.

Over the past seven months ? something weird is going on in my intestinal tract and I fluctuate between constipation, large amounts of air, and I appear to be pregnant. most the time it is air or gas.

I've tried multiple different laxatives (rx) to eliminate factors and I'm on a very restrictive diet but no luck so far eliminating the main problem.
Does anyone have any suggestions on best diets for people with SCI and what are the markers for inflammatory bowel disease versus my "IBS" diagnosis?

I'm currently, on a low-fat map diet, no lactose, small amounts of gluten and restricting all red meats.

Next step is going to be dietitian.