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Thread: Car transfers kill shoulders

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    I can't imagine my relatively light Ti chair being cause in the matter!

    More likely the 200 pounds of well done pot roast that's in it!
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    Quote Originally Posted by pfcs49 View Post
    I can't imagine my relatively light Ti chair being cause in the matter!

    More likely the 200 pounds of well done pot roast that's in it!
    Well, Sir Pot Roast, at 95 lbs my situation is quite different. And a sorry meal it would be if our local cannibals had no choices other than me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dpatrick View Post
    Ever consider a more accessible vehicle?you can find good used ones that are already modified,a mini van,Toyota?s or grand caravans have lowered floors. Check out
    good luck
    This is probably what I need to do, but at the moment it's not an option. There's no place I could deploy a ramp or lift at my current apartment... or at least it would be a heck of a lot of trouble and end up with me parking 1/2 mile away on a fairly regular basis, and I work at four different locations, two of which would be very difficult to park a van at. Plus I still owe money on my car, so it's not like I could just sell it and put the money toward a van.

    I'll probably try to plan my life around the eventuality of having a van someday as I move forward, but I really think the soreness I'm having at times is specifically from loading the chair, not transfering myself (it's pretty much a level transfer, and the easiest transfer I do all day, plus when I was out of the country and discovered the lack of this problem I was doing all kinds of crazy transfers up and down curbs into SUVs and tiny low slung taxis and a weird 270 degree rotating transfer onto a narrow shower bench... my shoulders felt great the whole time I was doing all that). I saw this thing one time where a robotic arm came out of the trunk (or maybe it was some weird roof rack thing) and picked up the chair and stowed it on it's own. That would be an ideal solution for me. I also saw a guy with a robotic crane arm in the back of his pickup to get the chair in and out, which seems pretty good, except I wouldn't want to do a high transfer like that into a pickup.

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    maybe using a slide board would help
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