Not sure this is the right subforum to put this in, but it's roughly equipment related, so here goes.

I recently came to the conclusion that slinging a chair in and out of the car is what's making my shoulders so jacked up.

I took a vacation and during that time I pushed myself really hard. On average over the five days I probably pushed 4-5 miles per day (where as in a usual day I might push 1 mile, 2 miles on a rough day), I transferred in and out of multiple vehicles (taxis, ubers), hopped a bunch of curbs and pushed up non-ADA approved ramps, hauled myself up curbs using signposts or whatever was available. Point being I was a whole lot more active than I have been for the past two years and my shoulders felt absolutely fine. I began to think that my shoulders must just be all healed up since I'm doing so great.

Then I got back home. After traveling for 18 hours and resting for another 18, I ventured out of the house to go restock the fridge. By the time I transferred back into my car I could feel it in my shoulders... just two transfers. My chair isn't super heavy, but throwing it across my body every time is obviously (at least now) because of slinging the chair over myself... It was the only physical thing that I didn't do while on vacation, it was always the taxi or uber driver who loaded the chair, all of my other physical activity was ramped way up and I felt fine until I had to go back to throwing the chair over myself.

I guess my next car will be a modified van, but I'll probably stick with the Accord for another four or five years until it wears out. I feel like I have a pretty good technique for chucking the chair into the car, but my left shoulder is still bothering me now, hours after my last transfer.