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Thread: What are Quads using for controlling their PC? Looking for better solutions..

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    Excel is never easy, I do spreadsheets with over 400 rows with 7 different currencies, about 10 different duty and shipping rates and formula to calculate landed cost in our currency. Forex rate adjustable globally for use in scenario manager. One of the most useful tools is dragging from bottom right hand crosshair down to copy the formula. I have to switch off dwell and use my blink sensor to keep crosshair held down. I don't know if that is possible in dragon but it isn't easy with a head mouse.

    It just demonstrates that we all find our own unique way depending upon what we need and what ability we have.

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    I use SmartNav with a sip n puff switch for left and right clicking. They have a wireless setup now.

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    I use the SmartNav with a rigged left / right toggle switch for clicking when sitting up and a homemade sip-and-puff switch for when I'm laying flat.
    So that I can use my laptop while flat, I use this thing that my dad and I designed and built:

    By the way, if you use one of the head mouse devices, you can use 3M reflective tape if you run out of the dots they provide.

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    Thanks for posting this. Why such an emphasis on other products outside of Dragon? I use Dragon for everything (including mouse movements). Here's my setup:

    Anything you would recommend outside of Dragon with the set up I have?

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    Does anybody use a QuadStick to enhance their mouse and keyboard capabilities on a PC or Mac? I know that they’re designed for gaming, but I wonder if they might also be useful for productivity. Not sure I want to drop $800 to find out without first hearing that it’s worked well for someone else! FWIW the Wisp and SmartNav are discontinued, and I’m not sure I want to have the need to stick things to my forehead in order to use the TrackerPro. Right now I get by with a trackball, Dragon, and a couple of typing wands (rarely used), but it could certainly be better as I think about returning to work. I’ve also tried a GlassOuse and think it’s neat, but it’s a little too jumpy to be really useful.
    C5/6 complete (maybe) circa June 2018

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    I use a Quha Zono gyroscopic mouse with sip and puff switch for left clicks plus the voice control features that now come standard With MacOS Catalina and IOS 13. So I use this with both a Mac and iPad.

    I never thought I would find an adequate replacement for the great but discontinued Headmaster Plus but the Quha Zono is just that and even better in some ways.

    I also have a Quadstick that is primarily used for gaming but can serve as a back up mouse if needed.

    C4-C5 Quad since 9/15/85

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