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Thread: Tried new catheters after botox

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    I also agree a possible urethritis especially if you changed catheters. Botox awhile ago doesn't sound like the culprit. The fiberscope and the procedure of the botox is also possible to have irritated it in addition to a new catheter. I personally destroyed my urethra after about 10 yrs of Intermittent catheters, IC. Currently have a mitrofanoff procedure. My urethra had an abscess which was not going to heal so here I am.

    Look at the bright side: you discovered the diabetes. Better treated now than later.

    Good luck

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    If your bladder is trying to pass urine or seems like that then most likely bladder spasms. Or infection of some sort. I would have it checked for UTi and call the doctor who did the Botox.
    Are you having any problem inserting the catheter?
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    I had a lot of resistance a couple of times. I do have a UTI

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