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Thread: Natural Fit vts Surge handrims

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    I tried plastic dip and it was not a lasting option.

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    Looks good but Surge LT hand rims are a poor design.

    Quote Originally Posted by August West View Post
    I thought I'd just glue it back down and be done with it. But it's not that simple. Once it started lifting in one place, it continued to lift in other places every few days.

    I had it with babysitting this strip. I tore it off. I have the thumbpiece which compensates for the missing strip.

    Don't miss it. But if I do, I'm thinking of painting something on as a replacement. Maybe something like plasti dip.
    That's the same problem I am having. Couple weeks later another section comes off and I have to super-glue back down. I am hope these will last until my next ZRA arrives shortly.

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    I'm a para and use natural fit rims. I always push with leather batters gloves and don't see any need to add rubber to the equation, especially now that I have a SmartDrive to get me up steep hills.
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