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    DIY Beach wheelchair

    I found pvc beach wheelchairs on google which lead me here. One was a push version. Another was a rickshaw version.
    I would like plans to build one for my 91 years young Mom.
    Please point me in the right direction.
    If you have plans kindly email them to me
    Thank you!
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    It'll get moved into the right forum.

    I don't have plans, but here is a picture of one next to my everyday chair. Transporting is a consideration, because they get big quick.

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    Here is one made from an old wheelchair. It is not PVC pipe though:

    Here is another:

    Here is a place that sells you a kit to make:

    Here is a DIY PVC one:

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    I'd suggest checking for a rental-they're widely available, even powered ones.
    We rented a powered one for a few days, in Alabama, a couple years ago, for a reasonable cost.
    The rental place delivered it. We didn't have to maintain, store, or haul it around.
    Just my 2 cents..............

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