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Thread: Can anyone convert a . JSD file ? ? HP LaserJet 3100 scanned files default format

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    Can anyone convert a . JSD file ? ? HP LaserJet 3100 scanned files default format

    Renewing my aspirations for a roll in shower, I need to send the builder my old site plan. The program appears to be extinct. This is all I could find:

    Can anyone convert the attached file to a .pdf, or something a current program can open? I wonder if current HP software might.

    I think I might actually about a dream about being under running water, then waking up at home. It was pretty glorious. I aim small.

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    I guess my aspirations were still too big, because I can?t even attach the file here. Does anyone have any ideas for me?

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    Check your message.

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    This thread appeared recently about attaching files to posts on Care Cure Community:

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