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Thread: access ideas for recessed lanai slider

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    I lowered the door by lowering the concrete. Wasn't as big a job as it may seem. The more time consuming part is adding to both interior and exterior walls to fill the gap that is created when you lower the door. I still wasn't happy with it because casters get caught in the track. Easy enough to wheelie over. But that's not always possible when you're carrying something, especially a drink.

    Went with French doors. Wasn't initially a fan of French doors either. Because you have to be in the doorway to reach the handle but you can't close the door when you're in the doorway. There are a couple options to get around that problem. Install a door handle near the hinge side of the door. Install a cord around the door handle.

    All problems solved. No ramp. No Track. Easy to close. Now I am a fan of French doors.
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