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Thread: PLEASE help with severe blistering, oozing sunburn!

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    Working graveyard at Denny's one of the last things was straining the grease from the deep fryer's. One time splashed it on the inside of my arm (350?) and have a 10 o'clock class. In hindsight, should have skipped the class

    Went to the University first aid place and they put some stuff on it wrapped it up and gave me a pill. Then after the marketing class (slept through), my neighbor woke me up and drove home.Went in the backyard and hollowed out a piece of aloe and wrapped it on the burn. Did it twice that day, overnight and left with a new bandage on the way back to the dorms.

    You can only see the scar when the sun comes out on it. Aloe, in my opinion is one of the great natural aids for burns.

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    I wouldn't put vinegar on it at all and first line should not be hydrocortisone ( as not indicated and Hydrocortisone is a topical steroid and should only be used when indicated) . Silvadene is made of silver so another "natural" device. Silver helps prevent infection and the zinc in Silvadene helps with skin healing. Zinc oxide is also good for the pain.

    Hydrocortisone very good for rashes and swelling of unknown sources.
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