Hello everyone,
I was hoping you could help with suggestions for a severe sunburn I got on both of my legs last weekend. It didn't hurt at first but then Wednesday both legs began to hurt quite badly. The right leg started blistering and training almost constantly, I'll try to attach a picture. So far, I've tried aloe vera gel and apple cider vinegar on both legs as a treatment. FYI, the skin is almost always dry and cracked except for the area that's draining. The right leg almost seems a bit swollen. Are there any other treatments you can suggest? I'm very concerned about infection, is there anything else I should be taking to prevent infection? One treatment I read online was cortisone, would you suggest that? I left a message with my GP this morning but still haven't heard back. I'm almost tempted to go to the emergency room but I doubt they would do much. This happened to me once before, about 30 years ago but my Dr. didn't really do anything, just recommended cold compresses and aloe vera gel. Anyway, thanks in advance for any info you can provide!