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Sorry for the delay in responding. I will get a photo or video next time I mow. I did this past weekend, but didn't see this message.
ResonantEcho, that weld job looks great. I took the easy way out and bought the attachment from the website below.
https://stephen-sauceda-dj1p.squarespace.com/products/ I have the Troy Bilt one. For some reason i don't remember them being that expensive when i bought, but it has been a while, so maybe it was. It is nice to have the handles like what you have, but It also raises the floor, which makes the transfer up and down easier.
I'll try to remember next time I'm mowing/weed whacking to take some photos and post on here.

That would be excellent. Looking forward to the photos.

It's funny you mentioned the accessible platform. I purchased the platform you linked for my 50" Toro a few years back. When I upgraded to the 60" it wouldn't fit. I had the welder cut the handles off it and weld them directly to the mower frame. I actually like it better this way. I get to take advantage of the 45 degree angle foot rest. Also, my legs set a little deeper and since the handles are a little closer in it does a better job of keeping my legs further away from the zero turn handles when in use.