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Thread: Honey for treatment of wound

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    Honey for treatment of wound

    My husband has a stage 3 wound on his hip and part of the dressing is MediHoney. Yes, real honey.
    Just wondering if anyone can share their experience with this. He's being treated at a Wound Clinic, and having daily dressing changes. They said healing would probably be two months.

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    I have used MediHoney on my daughters elbows when a callus breaks open and had great results. It softens, speeds healing and is antiseptic. I just generally like MediHoney for small wounds and always have some in house. A stage 3 wound seems to be too much for MediHoney but maybe it is barely a stage 3?

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    It didn't work for me, used for about 2-3 weeks with little progress, swapped to Urgo Clean and wound was cleaned up in 3-4 days. Everyone is different, I've tried a lot of different dressings and some work for me, some don't but may work for others.

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    I have used Medihoney on a (fairly large) chemical burn, both while it needed debriding and afterwards; and on (unrelated, entirely different locations) blisters and had good and fairly rapid outcomes each time.

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    I was just seen for my healing stage iv and essential oils was recommended in lieu off flap that was going to put me in bed for 6 weeks over the summer.
    want to know if this will do i.
    researching this now.

    Don't yet know anything about medihoney ....sweetie

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    Thanks for the comments!
    Next Wound Clinic visit is this Monday and plan to ask them about Urgo Clean.

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    Quote Originally Posted by triumph View Post
    Thanks for the comments!
    Next Wound Clinic visit is this Monday and plan to ask them about Urgo Clean.
    I don’t have any tips but wishing Ancient the best. I’ve implemented several of his practices, “gravity transfers”, and more, very helpful. Wishing fast healing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by triumph View Post
    Thanks for the comments!
    Next Wound Clinic visit is this Monday and plan to ask them about Urgo Clean.
    I don't know if it is available in the US, looking at the website maybe not it makes a change to have access to a product before the US, usually we are way behind.

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    Use bandaid brand. There's a new one out, stays on wounds and creates a "blister" will fall off when ready, BEST there is... I've used em all including medi honey. Good luck

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    I have found that it works well on ulcers as long as you don’t sit on the area of the wound.
    agree with the other comments above that it softens and debrides the wound and you can leave it in place without needing to clean the wound, just change the outer dressing that has drainage on it. The medihoney eventually absorbs into the wound and the debris is drained out onto the dressing.

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