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Thread: Boat lift or davit?

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    pic is of a dockside lift that a welder frabricated and used a 12volt winch that had plenty of power and was built for around 600.00
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    That's a pretty skookum lift! I need to keep it mobile though.

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    I spent the summer on the Mississippi river on a house boat. Found the easiest was to put one chair on the dock and one on the boat and transfer. I'm a T6 para, so this might not work for others.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shaun View Post
    How big a boat? Have you got pictures?
    Sorry if I sounded like it was for a boat Shaun; it was for my home. Just saying a hydraulic ram setup would work if setup properly.
    The unit they made was for their small crab boats, less than 30 feet, and modified it with a platform.

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    I mounted an Elkhorn pool lift to the cockpit of my boat and used lifting straps to lift me in my manual chair in and out of the boat. unfortunately my solution would not work with the weight of a power chair.
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