Looks like there's a place called Eurton Electric that can do this, according to YouTube. Has anyone used them, or any other place like this?

Back story: I'm trying to keep my old Permobil Chairman Entra going. One of the motors is going out, so I ordered from Permobil what's apparently the very last new Entra motor in stock in the known universe.

After the new motor was installed, the chair worked great for 4 days. Then I got a weird "two-click" thing happening. As I'm moving forward the chair clicks once, then rolls along for 20-30 feet or so, then makes another resolving click, and then keeps rolling along just fine, sometimes repeating the sequence. It doesn't seem to matter if I'm rolling straight or turning. It's worse in the morning after the chair has sat for a while. It usually goes away if I'm continually moving around during the day, but will start up again if I sit still for a while. It sort of sounds like something is loose and then gets resolved, always with the same set of two clicks/knocks (already replaced caster/fork bearings, so it's not that). In every other way the chair is still working fine. No hitch or jerking in the joystick, etc.

So I'm thinking about trying to repair the new motor, as well as the old motor, since they don't make them anymore. Any ideas?