I've worked from home self employed as a consultant in the cycle industry. Provide advise on design/production/marketing and brand. Primarily for one company although I just branched out into doing market research on electric scooters which is a rapidly growing market, luckily using similar suppliers as the cycle industry.

I can do most of it from bed when I have a pressure sore, travel to trade shows when needed as well as events. It can be awkward, I did my first electric scooter report and the client wanted me to present it but I had a pressure sore, did the presentation vis Skype using the screen share. It was obviously appreciated as they paid me double the agreed fee for the work.

Use Skype text for the majority of conversation as I don't speak very well because of the vent. Obvious difficulties because of a C3 complete injury but my clients understand that.

It won't continue forever, I can't travel internationally and am losing contacts, at some point I won't be able to give up to date advice. At that point I will probably retire.