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Thread: Van? for power chair

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    Well you're the expert so you know better than me. I based that comment on my searches. There aren't any minivans for sale beyond a certain age. Whereas there are plenty of older full size vans for sale. That could mean that everyone is keeping the older minivans and no one is selling them. But I thought the more likely explanation is that there just aren't many older minivans out there any more.
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    Quote Originally Posted by KevinH View Post
    It seems like I will be close to 5 feet tall in the power chair. Almost undoubtedly I will go with used. I bought one new car in my life way back when I first got injured. Not likely to buy another.

    Most likely I will get a van from a person/private party off ebay. I will wait until I get my power chair before getting the van.

    I would like a smaller van for driving & parking reasons. I could pretend a big van is an RV--that would be cool. Tt would be a huge pain to find parking, room for a lift, and go into parking garages.

    Do para's drive from the w/c much? If from a car seat, how do they get their legs around the motor cover?

    If your seated height in the wheelchair is going to be 60" you should see what can be done to sit a lot lower even if it means a different chair.

    Your not going to fit into many vans.

    We've had a few people at 58" and its always been tough finding something for them to fit into.
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    I am okay with old cars. My current ride is a 1996 Thunderbird with 85k miles that I bought 5 years ago off ebay. Runs like a top. No room for a powerchair in the backseat of that!

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    I would recommend taking a 4 foot carpenter's level and sitting in the chair you will be driving from, put the level on top of your head extend it out to the side keeping a level and drop the tape measure to the floor getting an exact highest point you will need. The other measurement I would take is take the level and extend it from your eye level out to the side and again dropped a tape measure down to the floor and this will be your sight line measurement. I found these numbers helpful in judging whether I will be able to get in, maneuver into the drivers area, and then see out of the windshield within the acceptable "zone of visibility".

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    I'm on my 2nd Braun minivan, the first was a 2005 T&C, served me for 12 years and still going strong. Except the kneeling system broke and was gonna be big bucks, decided to upgrade. Got a 2016 Sienna, and it has the XT(extra tall?) foldout conversion, and the ramp angle is amazingly better than the old one had. I believe the floor is lowered an extra couple inches on this, which makes a better angle, and also has more headroom. I still have decent ground clearance, a little tighter than before, but have only scraped a couple times.

    I xfer into driver seat from manual chair so can't say for sure how a power chair would sit, but I think there should be room in it w/o hitting your head.
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