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Thread: They finally delivered my new wheelchair

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    My DME sent them to me seemingly unedited, pricing info, and all. That's where I got the image of the price I included in the other thread about my ordering process. I can't imagine not having audited that data. This is an example of a guff-giving worthy issue: treating the DME like the customer, instead of us, leaves us out of an important loop. Perhaps the most important loop in the whole process.

    Edit: Looking closer at my .pdf copies I can see where the dealer cost and discount amounts have been likely been erased, leaving only retail pricing and item coding.

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    I will sometime take the manufacturer's pdf quote, convert it to Word doc and erase all the pricing/cost/privileged info leaving nothing but the specs and options (as indicated on the completed manufacturer's order form) and share that with my customer. This way they know exactly what to expect. I'm sure I'm the only person who does this, though.
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