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After 2+ years, they finally delivered my wheelchair. Everything seems fine except one thing. They painted the titanium black. It looks pretty cool. But that paint is never going to hold up. Last time I had a painted chair must have been over 20 years ago. Part of me wants to keep it. But the other part of me knows better.
2+ years?!?! I'm almost curious to know how it's even possible for an order to take that long to process, but the answer will probably only upset me. For TiLite's part, the build time is only about 10 business days. I go through the TiLite order form line-by-line with my customers and they receive a copy of the order form as we're tweaking things and certainly before it's submitted for fabrication. It seems like most DMEs don't want to "show their work"; they frequently don't pass along the CAD drawings (which astounds me as it protects all 3 parties: customer, DME, and TiLite); and customers are frequently "under-involving" themselves in what in my opinion can only be a collaborative process.