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Thread: Best treatment for Osteomyelitis

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    Best treatment for Osteomyelitis

    Husband has first pressure sore in 15 years and has been treated at wound clinic for 6 weeks. He has received regular scalpel debridement (weekly) and hydrotherapy (twice /week)with ultrasound debridement 5-6 times. The dr says his wound is healing but now there is tunneling and MRI shows moderate osteomyelitis. An earlier Xray (3 weeks ago) showed no issues and he has not been on antibiotics since the first 5 days (a month ago). They said they have never seen Osteomyelitis occur so quickly and that the only treatment is surgery with orthopedic surgeon (bone scrape or removal). My question is if the Osteomyelitis is new why not antibiotics first to eliminate. Why would you go in and make the "healing" pressure sore bigger and undo the healing with surgery? Also, if they scrape or remove the infected bone portiondo you have to have flap surgery. Really struggling with this...any help / insight appreciated.

    Also, how can your wound not be infected but the bone is?

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