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This is the only thing I have come across like that. They make one that goes all the way to your feet as well. Not sure about shipping costs since they are in Europe, but they ship worldwide.

This is exactly what I want, like literally what I had in mind. I just can't figure out the sizing. The lengths listed are like 5-6 feet (assuming there in cm), so I have no idea how they are measuring this. Is is it a loop around the knees and back? Double the femur length? Femur length on both sides plus width of the knees...

Also shipping to the US is 40 euros = $45... that's a bit steep on top of the already expensive price. Anyone know if something like this exists in the US?

The main thing I like about this is that it is so compact and packs up small. Like I said, I already have a nice, compact high quality rainjacket, so I'm not looking for any poncho type joints. If someone made a 3' x 2' tarp, I'd be perfectly happy with that. Don't need anything that covers my lower legs, because they're already underneath my knees and cushion.