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Thread: Recommendations for keeping lap dry in rain?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brad09 View Post
    This is the only thing I have come across like that. They make one that goes all the way to your feet as well. Not sure about shipping costs since they are in Europe, but they ship worldwide.
    This is exactly what I want, like literally what I had in mind. I just can't figure out the sizing. The lengths listed are like 5-6 feet (assuming there in cm), so I have no idea how they are measuring this. Is is it a loop around the knees and back? Double the femur length? Femur length on both sides plus width of the knees...

    Also shipping to the US is 40 euros = $45... that's a bit steep on top of the already expensive price. Anyone know if something like this exists in the US?

    The main thing I like about this is that it is so compact and packs up small. Like I said, I already have a nice, compact high quality rainjacket, so I'm not looking for any poncho type joints. If someone made a 3' x 2' tarp, I'd be perfectly happy with that. Don't need anything that covers my lower legs, because they're already underneath my knees and cushion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tetracyclone View Post
    Go to Bogot? during the dry season, haha. Seriously, though, do not miss Bogot?. Fabulous city.
    Going to Medellin actually, which looks significantly wetter than Bogota this time of year.

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    I have one here that is German military made with a breathable fabric. Domed so it can be configured in any form, As a groundsheet, bivvy. can also be shorted in length. Brilliant for those long marches in rain and blizzard ha ha
    I have tried those PVC type units and they make a good sauna
    I will check out the name for you and post here.

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    I'm leaving in 8 days, so I'm running low on time to order anything at this point. I'd still love to have something exactly like the raindek Brad09 posted... if it was a little less than $100, and in any case I probably couldn't get it here before I leave even with the 40 euro shipping.

    Right now I'm thinking about cutting up a cheap walmart Frogg Toggs rainjacket I have and just seeing if the back of it will work for my lap. Just roll it up when not in use and roll it out, tucking it into the sides of my chair between my hips and the sideguards.

    I've got a bit of dump in my chair, so my biggest problem might be pooling of rain at the crotch area. If it's still raining at home this evening I'll test it out.

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    So I ran home during my lunch break and cut one of the legs off of my Frogg Toggs rain pants and then cut that cylinder down one side. It's just about the perfect size to fit on my lap, and when I tuck it in on the edges it stays put pretty good. Also the Frogg Togg material is pretty thin so it folds up to a relatively compact size when not in use. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately?) it's not raining at the moment so I don't have the chance to check it out and see how well it actually works in diverting the water, but so far this seems a much cheaper solution than a 100 euro raindek.

    Maybe I'll post pictures when I get back home. It looks ridiculous, especially because the Frogg Toggs are tan and my rain jacket is grey and orange, but who cares about that? I'm just trying to stay dry.

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    My less than 100 euro solution:

    Fits more or less in the palm of the hand

    So basically I have this

    tucked into the same pocket the rain jacket folds up into. It's an Outdoors Research Helium II rain jacket.

    Some poorly attempted photos to show it covering the lap with and without the rain jacket.

    As you can see it covers all of my pants and lower legs as well as pretty much covering my feet because I have a 90 degree front angle and my toes barely stick out beyond my knees. Tucks in neatly at the sides because I have a tight fit between my hips and my sideguards.

    Not the most stylish, but compact, portable and cheap. I think this set of Frog Toggs of which I sacrificed only the pants was like $12 or something. Probably won't keep the cushion 100% dry, as I imagine it will drain down the sides onto the side of the cushion, but should keep my pants pretty dry. Now I just gotta find some good gloves for rain.

    I remember back when I used to ride motorcycles, eventually I got my gear to the point that I was 100% waterproof, even when riding through a torrential summer downpour at 60 mph for 100 miles, once I got to my destination and shed my gear I would be toasty and dry. I need to figure out how to replicate that in a manner that stows away very compactly on the chair and I'll be a happy camper.

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    I would be thinking of customising a poncho. That would allow you to drape it over the back and tuck the modded sides down the inside of your side guards past the cushion. That would afford protection from the rain for both yourself and your chair.
    I'm stuffed if I would want to be travelling about sitting on a wet cushion; that is asking for trouble.

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    The rain returned in my neck of the woods and I got to test out my setup. Felt like a proper ass with a skirt draped across my lap, but what else is new, that's how I carry everything.

    Damage report:
    My right knee got soaked. Not sure why. Perhaps it was a little less covered than in the photo above, but it was at least as covered as my left knee which was completely dry.
    The cushion was completely dry.
    The front of the back (the side you lean against) was completely dry
    The back of the back was pretty wet. I'm no seamstress, and I cant figure a way to fashion a piece of the Frogg Toggs material for the back without sewing it together, so I'm thinking about spraying the back of the back with some Scotchguard I happen to have lying around. Might help a bit. On my back the rear face is just a nylon cover that velcros over the real cushion part of the back, so hopefully it would take a lot to leak through this to the foam lining of the back.
    My shoes surprisingly weren't very wet. As you can see in the picture above they're tucked under me pretty much, and in any case the pair of cheap wingtips I'm taking was advertised as "waterproof" so we'll see how true that is. Haven't taken my shoes off yet since getting home.

    Overall it did okay, maybe even better than I expected. I tucked the sides under my cushion as in the photo above, but a good gust of wind hitting me in the face blew up my skirt a couple times. This could have been how my right knee got wet, but again idk why it would just be the right knee if that were the case. I underestimated the amount of water that pooled on the near flat surface of my lap, such that when I went inside my apartment building and removed the skirt, I accidentally dumped maybe half a cup of water on the floor (and partially on the wall).

    Got home and hung up the rain jacket, but idk what to do with the still wet rain skirt so I just plopped it on the floor to let it dry. I suppose I will have to sort this out. I guess I could hang the rain jacket over the back of my chair if I duck into a cafe in Medellin to wait out the weather, but it's gonna be a little tougher to figure out where to hang the skirt.

    Anybody got an easy solution for waterproof gloves? This evening I didn't want to get my leather gloves wet so I stuffed them in my bag before going out in the rain. I have a pair of rubber coated gloves that were like $3 at walmart, but the backs of the gloves is fabric (cotton maybe?) and I'm sure they will get soaked really quick, though they will still have grip in the rain. I pushed home without gloves, but I rarely push any sort of distance without gloves and a couple miles in rainy conditions would leave my hands raw making the rest of the trip rather uncomfortable.

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    We used an outdoor blanket made by Mambe and attached it to the frame bungee style. They have various sizes that they characterize as for pets and humans, lined and not.

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