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Thread: Recommendations for keeping lap dry in rain?

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    Recommendations for keeping lap dry in rain?

    Im traveling to Colombia soon and this time of year it rains more often than not. I?ve got a very compact rain jacket that folds up to pocket size, but my thighs are probably the most susceptible part of me to hey wet.

    Anyone have a solution? Like maybe a mini rain poncho just for your lap?

    Something slightly more substantial, but similar to a trash bag in size would seem about perfect, I could just tuck it in on the sides when in use and fold it up relatively small to stow it when not in use.
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    Not exactly 'mini', but I found wheelchair user specific rain poncho on Amazon. It covers everything except the tips of my feet, but I can tuck them back, under my knees. Has holes to poke your arms out of when not pushing. Of course, then they get wet. A combo jack/poncho would be fantastic.

    Edit "wheelchair rain poncho for adults" brings up lots of options on Amazon. I got the ComfortFinds combo with summer and winter ponchos. They all have a bit of a Handmaid's Tale vibe going on, though
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    This is the only thing I have come across like that. They make one that goes all the way to your feet as well. Not sure about shipping costs since they are in Europe, but they ship worldwide.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brad09 View Post
    This is the only thing I have come across like that. They make one that goes all the way to your feet as well. Not sure about shipping costs since they are in Europe, but they ship worldwide.
    That looks great, but it is pretty expensive (64 pounds), plus costs to import into the USA. funklab, I bet you could get a seamstress or tailor to make you something like this given suitable fabric. A regular poncho might even be cut down to make one. Keep in mind that it still will be very hot in Columbia even when it rains, so Gore-tex or other breathable waterproof fabric would be ideal.

    Another option might be to modify an already made poncho and use that instead of your rain jacket. Here is an example:

    This one looks like a good quality product although not specifically made for a wheelchair user, but it would be pretty easy to adapt this, perhaps adding a strap to secure it below your knees.

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    Ithis work well for me is the cheap ponoho at Walmart they cover my feet and I say pretty dry except arm pushing I have had same 1 for several years about 5,00 at walmart

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    Go to Bogot? during the dry season, haha. Seriously, though, do not miss Bogot?. Fabulous city.

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    Mama and I have bought several of the $1 ponchos from Dollar store. They cover my lap and joystick. Usually just throw away afterwards cause never been able to get folded back down to fit in baggie. Mama sometimes lets her's dry and put in zip lock bag.
    "Good Luck" on solution and hope you have a great trip, too!

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    I use the standard larger umbrella.
    While transferring in/out the car, I hang it from the open door and roof.
    In the chair, I jam the handle down my pants which seems to be good enough to position it unless there's high wind.
    Of course this doesn't work when it starts pouring after getting to my destination!
    For that I have a large terrycloth towel folded up supporting the center arm-rest.
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    rolli moden makes rain chaps, I don't know if they ship to the US

    This company in the US makes a close facsimile

    Long (20 yrs) before either of these companies sold these I made my own which I still have and use. One needs to purchase waterproof nylon in the sufficient size. Lay it in the lap and drape it under the shoes to make a pocket to hold it down. Cut it wide enough to tuck under the outer thighs. Then finally, use some lightweight elastic clothing bungee and attach it to one hip corner (punch and insert a grommet) and wrap it around the back of the chair to the other hip corner.

    Options for attaching it here can include another grommet and some type of hook or as are used, a patch of Velcro on the cover and another doubled over patch with the bungee sandwich inside it and sewn shut. Then one simply presses one onto the other to hold it in place. This always sufficed for me, who used it for getting into work or other places dry. I would have had to improve it for hard-core outdoor use, especially the toe area, which had a tendency to pop off.

    I truly believe I missed an opportunity to patent this and make some money, as all the ones I have seen are based on my basic design.

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    Looks like a hefty bag with a zipper?
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