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Thread: Died, now they're killing me

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cris View Post
    Thank you for the help, but in the long term, if they want to find out that information anybody can. Do appreciate removing my birthday, again public record. Google my name and you get 10 times the information, from 10 different sites.......Privacy will be the next big political issue to be resolved and Congress, bought and paid for by insurance companies, be a big battle.
    I googled Cris and got nothing relevant that I could relate to you personally.
    I feel sure it is possible to find specifics but, I feel, for the average person that isn't going to happen. It will take more than an online name to discover more- like specifics such as birth dates etc.
    People should never volunteer that stuff, anywhere, anytime.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SCI-Nurse View Post
    and some of your remarks about others border on liable.

    I'm sorry, presume you meant libel, had no idea could you please show me example of what not to post. Telling me that I am liable for damages to other people on this board is a serious charge and needs immediate attention. Some substantiation and tangible evidence or example to prevent me from doing it again would be helpful.

    Definitely need to know what action I took against anyone on this board that harmed them, making me liable for unknown damages for unknown actions, to prevent me from doing it again.

    Please help me avoid that risk, telling me what actions I took that came close to harming others on this board.

    Thank you

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    My first and last name, It appears you're not allowed to post your last name, except as your user ID and four letters is very large search. :-)
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    Personally, I keep looking forward to the new and improved Care Cure Community on vBulletin or another platform. Long promised... Not being fulfilled... and so who knows what the "rules/policies" are. Whenever the platform is changed, maybe there will be some clarity about posting and a link or sticky that states ALL of the rules and policies quite clearly. But until that day...

    For now, try as I may I can't find the rules and policies of Care Cure Community, reading through all of the FAQs, with the exception of this post by Wise Young, at post number 3 at

    CareCure is as non-intrusive a moderated site as any on internet. We generally do not interfere with what people write or their language, unless it is truly offending other members and giving rise to firefights between members. We don't charge anybody to be members. There are only three rules that we apply to members:
    1. No attacks of other members
    2. No spams
    3. No commercial advertisement

    Short of these three rules, I can't find any other "CCC," Care Cure Community policies that regulate how/what members post.

    I think everyone, members and moderators alike need a refresher on these issues and rules/policies. But, in that you can't find this information in the FAQs, it is really difficult to hold members feet to the fire about inappropriate posting. No doubt the moderators have a list of rules to which they abide and use to moderate this site. It is just unfortunate that all of us don't have access to the same list of rules. It is hard to play by the rules if you don't have access to the rules.

    Without a complete and easily accessible posting where everyone can read all of the rules and policies of Care Cure Community, it does seem like the moderators are making it up as they go along.

    Not trying to gore any one's ox (place blame)...but as is oft said, just sayin'.
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    I read your entire post; I’m sorry for all of your suffering. When I read about your use of Valium, I smirked, I get it. I truly hope things get better for you, for you to find the assistance and support you need and deserve.


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