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Thread: Replacement batteries?

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    Replacement batteries?

    Battery replace time !
    I need Group U1s, 22NF and 24's.
    Any recommendations for reliable online purchases ya'll have experience with in recent time frame?
    Hope OK to post here, if not "Sorry" for the mistake.

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    I have had good luck with these guys:

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    When I shop for batteries I just websearch the group number of the battery and go from there. I only use MK gel. Some company's will price match so you might be able to work a deal buying all of them from one vendor.

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    "Thanks!" Will check on those both.
    Seems things comes in 3's. We don't go much anymore but both main chairs batteries run down quickly even with once a week weather permitting running then good distance in neighborhood and Mama's backup had get transit guy push into our garage, it went completely dead after a trip to doctor appointment.

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    I just recently ordered batteries off They were much cheaper price wise than anywhere else. They work great too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kimberlya483 View Post
    I just recently ordered batteries off They were much cheaper price wise than anywhere else. They work great too.
    Thanks, I didn't think about checking Walmart website for them. I checked at the store here in town but they didn't have ones needed.
    Just curious if batteries came from Walmart or a third party?
    Reason I ask had bad experience getting laptop battery from Walmart that came from third party.

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    I've swapped both my day chair and off road chair to LiFeP04 batteries, takes a bit of work but double the battery capacity and much longer life. Expensive to do initially because of the charger needed but now with 2 chairs converted not so bad.

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    Seems like batteries don't last like they used to. MK batteries used to last 3 years now am lucky to get 1 year.

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    Walmart moves a lot of batteries so you don't get one that's been sitting around 6 months. What kind did you get may I ask. Looking for group 24 gel cell batteries for spare chair is why am asking.

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    Not replace any yet. Thought see about new chairs, been 8 years. Funny called couple places closer to our current home and both said they did not deal with Medicare for powerchairs any longer. Found them by checking Medicare DME listings, guess they don't keep list updated.
    Neighbor is going to city this weekend, weather permitting to pick us up some at Batteries Plus Bulbs(?). Think they sell Duracell brand. Figured we would just go with AGM batteries.

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