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Thread: Summer Open House Newsletter

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    Thursday, July 18th, the Keck Center will be brimming over with special speakers and special activities! This is a 'don't want to miss' occasion which will include updates and demonstrations from the clinical trials, research reports from the Summer Research Program, vendor displays, and other activities.

    Featured speaker Dr. Bob Heary, Director of the Center for Spine Surgery & Mobility and one of the Clinical Trial Surgeons, will discuss the surgical procedure and answer questions. There will also be a discussion of the walking program and a demonstration of the walking devices.

    Science exhibits and vendor displays open at 4:45pm, program starts at 6:05pm. Free parking in front of building in Lot 56.

    SPECIAL FEATURE THIS YEAR! Get Your Questions Answered

    Can't make it to New Jersey but have questions about the clinical trial? Post your questions here and they will be asked at the program on your behalf.

    After the program a list of the questions and answers will be posted online and sent in the next eBulletin. (Those who submit questions will remain anonymous.)

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    Dear Jim,

    It would be nice if you could listen to the speakers from abroad. Is this possible?

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