Thanks, now that you say this.... this is why I didn't do it myself last time... I remember the that voids the warranty on your whole chair spiel !

It's a TR so the fork stem is just like the picture you posted.

I'm waiting to hear what my local rep says, ages (2 weeks now) getting back to me as usual. I should take you up on the offer of a Tilite contact

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Before you do that!! Let's make sure first that everyone is using the correct terminology so that nothing gets lost in translation. TiLite refers to the bolt that extends from the frame to mount the forks as "fork stem" (boxed in red). The bolt supports the casters is called a "caster axle" (boxed in blue). On some models -- NW-Will, what chair are you using? -- the fork stem is regarded as part of the frame (which, depending on the model you have, may or may not mean that it's covered under warranty). If the fork stem resembles the type pictured in this illustration (of a discontinued Z10) then tampering with it will automatically void the warranty, and maybe not just for the fork stem but for any other issue that may arise somewhere down the road. While the repair may be as straightforward as Patrick describes (assuming you have the mechanical skills to pull it off -- I certainly don't), I still think you're best advised to contact TiLite customer support directly and discuss the issue. If you email me (, I will send you the contact info of a TiLite production specialist (he's not in customer support) who knows every facet of these chairs and is also super approachable. You'll get the straight rap from him.